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I’m anastasia

english-russian translator

My Services

Translation & Localization

I’m a native Russian speaker, born and raised in the biggest country of the world. Russian culture, fundamentals, and set of mind are in my DNA. I’ll perfectly adapt your web content or applications for the Russian market and help you create a quality customer experience. With me, you can be sure that your brand will meet the cultural, functional, and language expectations of your Russian-speaking consumers.


If you want your business to succeed in the Russian market, you need to ensure that you’re using the right language, tone of voice, and that your content style will engage your target audience. I’ll help you identify your key messages and target audiences, and will even help develop appropriate taglines for your brand that will be well received in the Russian market.


Copywriting & Proofreading

Russian is not just my native language; I’ve learned its nuances and Russian literature at the university. I can guarantee the highest quality of Russian texts in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style.

About Me

I am a professional English-Russian translator, editor and proofreader, native in Russian. I specialise mainly in technical and literary translations including electrotechnology, multimedia and the marketing.

Translation is not just my hobby, it is my profession proved by a university diploma in linguistics and translation. You can always rely on me to translate your texts with supreme professionalism and quality.

Let’s Start a project


Don’t hesitate to contact me any time, and I will be your private translator for an affordable price. Feel free to use my contact information to request a free quote. You may also include a sample text and advise the approximate number of words involved as well as the deadline. I’ll reply with an estimate of the costs within 24 hours. However, I’ll not be able to give you a definitive answer before analysing the whole text.


Email: info@anrustranslate.ru

Tel.: +7 951 471 64 08

Skype: an-rus